It’s time again to host a VMUG meeting!

We, the VMUGIS leaders are finalising drafting the agenda for the next VMUG in Iceland and the Agenda is looking promising. One of the most interesting speakers will be @lhjartarson, #1 vExpert and our FIRST VCDX in Iceland, he is going to host one of the community sessions about his journey to his VCDX.

I will also speak about VMworld US that I will attend later this month and share my experience of it. I will also describe the differences between VMworld US and EU which I’m looking forward to do.

Other speakers will be from Nimble Storage, Veeam and Pernixdata, more on that later.

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  1. Salvatore Buccoliero
    August 18, 2015 20:21/ Reply

    Hi Olafur

    We at Simplivity would like to join in on vmugis and potentially be a sponsor of the event.
    Lets discuss if you still have open slots

    Best regards

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Olafur Helgi Haraldsson (Oli)
Virtualization Engineer (vExpert/VCP5/VCAP5-DCA/VMCE) @advania_is
Also a VMUG leader in Iceland.


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